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The Well of Lost Plots

Is this entire LiveJournal going to be conducted in innuendo, or what?

16 February
What is there to say about me? I’m a book loving, copy writing, wine indulging, gourmet cooking, baseball cheering, very happily married lady on the other side of 30. I root for the Angels, practice Pilates, read broadly and incessantly, and bake a truly decadent flourless chocolate cake. I love to laugh and have a very irreverent sense of humor. Even when I’m taking something very seriously, I can usually find humor in the situation…I just make no guarantees that it will be appropriate humor.

That’s about it. This journal is high on all of the above and low on whining and rants*, though not completely devoid of them – it is a blog after all. The soapbox has been known to come out from time to time but, in truth, I usually have to dust it off considerably before each use.

If any of this sounds appealing, feel free to lurk/comment/friend/whatever. Friendly, sarcastic, both at one time, or otherwise: new people are always welcome.

*Naturally, any whining and/or rants concerning blown saves, stranding runners in scoring position, leaving perfectly good starters to die a lonely death with no run support, and the like are exempt from this clause.